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Welcome to McGill's Car and Commercial dismantlers. We have been offering our reliable scrappage and vehicle parts services for a number of years across North Wales. We are one of Wales' most reputable scrap yards, and offer a variety of services including collecting and dismantling your vehicle, car & van recycling plus the collection of end of life vehicles. As a fully licensed and professional vehicle disposal company we have been dealing in the recycling of scrap vehicles for both car parts and van parts and you can be assured that you will receive a professional service from a team of experts in the scrap car & van industry. If you have an old car or van and are thinking of using a scrap car service, why not choose McGill's, we will take your car or van and handle all of the paperwork in accordance with the governments ELV guidelines. We also accept all makes and models and offer excellent rates and a highly professional service

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Mcgill's Car & Commercial

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