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A family run business established in 1949, Jacksons Car Dismantlers Limited is a longstanding and well established name in the car dismantling industry. We have been fully licensed by the Environment Agency since 1993 - the 1st vehicle dismantlers in North Wales to receive a license and regular inspections from the Environment Agency. Objectives - The prevention of waste from vehicles and the re-use, recycling and recovery of materials and components from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). Background - The End of Life Vehicle Directive completed its passage through the European Union's legislative system on 21 October 2000. As registered dismantlers of insurance "write-off" vehicles, we have a high turnover of late model cars. We have storage facilities for accident damaged cars and provide a recovery service. A range of parts for vehicles from circa 1985 to date always in stock.

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Jackson's Car Dismantlers Ltd

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